Friday, June 29, 2007

The Future is Ending

This is a painting that I've done for a fan down in Texas. She wanted something new from me and this is what I came up with. I work in a video store with a lot of great painted covers for "bad" action movies. Some of the most creative are the ones from the Post-Apocalyptic genre. So I really wanted to try and do one of my own. I came up with the blue grid background because that's just classic for films from the 80's. Then I had the idea for the Title. "The Future is Ending". Seemed strange and gimmicy for that genre.

I had figured in an earlier sketch a guy dressed in black with a sword and a helmet. Once I actually got to laying paint down I just gave him a sword-hand. The Laser rifle, wasn't a conscious take-off of the 80's Lasertag rifle. It wasn't until I did it, did I realize. That gun was the greatest design back in the day too. I thought that the missiles were a good touch. The Stealth Bomber wasn't even a part of my original idea, but I needed something cool to go in that area. So I thought that those looked "futuristic" enough to toss one in. It was either that or a Jeep exploding. The people... well that was just for fun.

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