Monday, March 10, 2008

Two New Paintings!!

So I came up with a couple of new paintings over the last few months for some friends of mine. The first one was requested by Elizabeth. She was a huge supporter and fan of the 30/30 paintings I did for the December show. So having owned one of those she wanted another based off of the comic with the Tickle Squid.

"Tickle Squid" acrylic and enamel on illustration board 2008

This other one was requested by a very enthusiastic fan of mine Amanda. She was moving into a new place and wanted some of my art for her walls. She's a very intense girl and I couldn't refuse. So I came up with this piece. The board that it was painted on had the background pattern already painted on it by my good friend Jilf. He donated a lot of supplies and extra materials when he left Seattle for Minnesota. So I told him I put all of it to good use.

"Curious Larva" acrylic on board 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

"The Honorary Mexican" Drawing

So my co-worker/friend Jason Dodson and I went out the other night, had a few beers and drew this little picture.

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