Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Three Domains of Life

I was feeling inspired to do some photography. Heather has been someone I've wanted to shoot for a little while. So we got together with some PBR and had a good time.

These were all taken in her studio apartment that she has decorated to be a outward expression of her tastes. It was a great place to shoot. I couldn't have staged a setting better. Especially with all the little details. Her clothing was all her own. I picked out the ones I wanted to see her in. The little white one was designed and created by Heather and Elizabeth. There are some stuffed organs that are removable on the front. A heart and a some small intestines.

Heather is a great artist and so she has painting every where. The paintings were great to use in the backgrounds. The huge landscape that she did with the naked rats turned out to become a backdrop and I tried to make it look like she was there in that world.

I used two 35mm cameras. One with a flash that I didn't use all the time. That camera had a blue filter on it to cut down on the yellow lighting. Then I used Heather's Nikon on a tripod. That was nice because it had a little zoomy lens.

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