Saturday, January 14, 2012

Psychotronic Cinema

SIFF (Seattle International Film Fest) is putting on a promising new series called Psychotronic Cinema and I was asked to come up with a logo for it.
I was happy to get gross and grimy with this. Really pulling up all my influences from Garbage Pail Kids to Max Clotfelter.
I'm also proud to have something like this associated with the upcoming Don Hertzfeldt screening featuring the artist himself.

Meat and Potatoes Go To the Beach

Since winter here in Seattle is generally grey and depressing, Corbett Cummins asked that I put Meat and Potatoes on the beach in the Archie Universe this time.
I did so and while they were there, Meat and Potatoes kicked a little sand around.
Around the head of the bully who kicked sand in Archies cute little face! Get'em Meat! Hold'em down Potatoes!!

Drinky Movie Holiday Spectacular

So the Entertainment Show put on another Drinky Movie Show and it was for the Holidays!! You know the "holidays" I'm talking about.
I designed and illustrated another poster with Derek Sheen as the Grinch, Travis Vogt as Jack Frost, and Kevin Clarke as a lovable Gremlin.
This was also a release party for the complete Adventure Buddies DVD set. Which features artwork by me and you can BUY ONE NOW!!! 


The Grand Illusion in Seattle put on a single showing one night that honored the wonderful holiday specials and films that could still be found on VHS! Here's the poster that I created for that event! Snow flakes and lightning!!!

Meat and Potatoes in Tintin Land

Corbett Cummins puts on a show monthly called Meat and Potatoes, and I do an elaborate poster for each one. Each one has the characters Meat (arena fighter?) and Potatoes (a Agatha Christie-like detective) interacting within a new cartoon world usually based on a known cartoon franchise. The month of December we put them into a world similar to Tintin. Timely, No? Here they're looking for a mysterious man in the Tombs of the Terracotta Warriors.
Where will the end up next?

Drinky Movie Show

Here's a poster for the first Drinky Movie Show put on by Derek Sheen, Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard, Washington. It was a show dedicated to comedians talking about film, presenting short films, and dissection of horrible movies.


Now that DC and other comic companies are reinventing many of their properties, Jon Morris came up with the idea to ask artists to come up with their own type of reboot by coming up with their own covers for popular or obscure characters. Most likely these will prove to be better than what the real companies can come up with. Here are my pieces that appear on the Relaunched blog.

Back when Relaunched was called "DC Fifty Too", I submitted my version of CLAW the Unconquered. Here's the post with all the information.

Then the relaunching idea spread to the Marvel Universe with "WHAT IF..." and so I did my take on Spider-man

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