Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cafe Press Merch that is only for SALE for ONE MORE MONTH!!

Alright so I'm going to revamp my merchandise section at What I'd like to see is if anyone would like what I have there before I pull it all. I'm going to get rid of EVERYTHING! So if you think something is cool, then order it NOW!!! I'm going to pull it and you'd have to make some serious moves to get me to get it back up there.

So here's some of the images that I have posted up for some merchandise.

This is a tag-line for the ZombiErotica photograph project that I did a few years back. This design is pretty eye catching. If someone doesn't investigate what it's for, then they probably assume that you like having sex with dead people.

You can get products with this on it at As well as the book. It's a small and fun collection featuring comics that are about that happy subject matter, RELATIONSHIPS!!!

This lovely page from my book The Naked Tree can be found on all sorts of stuff that you really need. You can buy the book there to. A preferred way to go.

These thoughtful image from 6 years ago is on stuff at this address:

This one's cool. I have a coffee cup embellished with this warped self-portrait.

So anyway, dig this stuff while it lasts. But don't worry, there's going to be more SOON. I'm planing on having some prints and posters and other stuff based on my latest works.
Stay tuned for more info.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lair of the Psychic Creature BOOK!!

The first 100 drawing from this very blog are NOW AVAILABLE in a 55 page Graphic Novel!!! Check it out at it's a mere $8 with some cheap shipping. They offer media mail rates, so it might take longer to get to you, but it's not going to be a rip off.

The shipping and mailing deal is pretty much of you who don't see me in person very often. Those who are local and would like a copy should let me know and I can get one to you. I'm currently tallying up my own orders. It will be cheaper for ya'll who do it this way, because I'm only charging $8. No shipping and handling fees!!! DEALS!!!
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