Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends of the Nib at the Howard House

The cartoonist group Friends of the Nib has been invited to kick off December at Howard House Gallery in Downtown Seattle.

We were asked to have a show of our random sketches and unframed drawings. The show opens on the First Thursday of December the 3rd, and ends on the 5th of December.

Three days of beautiful raw and finished art with a cash and carry policy. The artworks will be moderately priced. You can buy something and take it home that day. Frame it and ship it to your mates or family members for one of the best Holiday presents ever.

Artists participating include: *Tom Dougherty * Bob Rini * Max Clotfelter * Max Badger * Heidi Estey * Mark Campos * Marc Palm * Stevie Van Bronkhorst * Ellen Forney * Jim Woodring * Jon Morris * Adam Watson * Kelly Froh * Scott Faulkner * Jen Ralston * Noel Franklin * David Lasky * Aubrey Mysterious * Kinoko * Sean Robinson * Dalton Webb * Dennis Driscoll * Carl Nelson * Bruce Bickford * Billis Helg * Jason Miles

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