Monday, April 20, 2009

"Art on Record" APW gallery pieces


At the tail end of last month I was invited anonymously by APW gallery in Long Island to participate in their "Art On Record" art show. The deal is, you paint on a vinyl record. Nuff' said. So to represent myself the best I can, I chose to do gross weird erotic mutant women. Why? I don't know. I'm a weird-o... I had other ideas but I ran out of time. I'm also doing a re-creation of a famous album cover with Muppets. So I had to knock something out by the 27th.
Music to Mutate By...
All pieces are acrylic on vinyl, measuring 12" x 12".
Below are the original drawings that I did. I drew them in my sketch book and it turned out they were the perfect size for the records. So after laying down the gesso on the vinyl I covered the backs of these drawings in pastel and transfered them on to the record. I had to do this twice, once for the original outline which I filled with a flesh tone and then again so that I could get the details. I used photos of a beautiful model named Jenya D for reference. She's one of the most terrific MET-ART models out there. I appologize to her and the photographer for creating such gross versions of their work.

And... this isn't my first mutated erotic women set. I did some strange art on glass a few years ago that featured similar things. Take a look at my Flickr page for pics of those.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CD cover for the Seymours

My good friend Satchel Jones out in New York, has a relatively new band called the Seymours with his friend Becca. They're getting ready to promote they're new demo and Satchel asked me to put out some artwork for it.
They say that they're very fond of skunks and old rotary telephones. So with that in mind, I came up with the above image.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Covered Blog Submission

I found the Covered Blog via and it got me really excited to do one of my own. So I looked through some covers at Cover Browser. I had thought about doing something with monster or superheroes but then I found Girls' Love Stories. These were just classic and different from what had already been "covered". So I chose issue 139. I liked the colors and instantly imagined how I would keep it stylish and then highten the realism. I like the Mary Jane Watson looking girl on the original but wanted to have a cuter, less melodramatic female. I also made the decision to make the towel blank. I like the design on it, but I felt that it was just way too happy and distracting from the color scheme.

I went at this recreation with everything I had. I did pencil drawings of the girl, the background folks, then pieced them together and colored them in Photoshop. I then traced all the graphic aspects in Illustrator.

I thought I'd throw out the original sketches as well.

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