Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fetal Fun


These 4"x 6" color pencil drawing with watercolor were created on pink paper for the Mild Kingdom show at the Cafe Racer which I mentioned in the previous post.
The showed was theme was animals and I knew that there was just going to be a whole bunch of cuteness abound. So I didn't want to do more monster or insects. One morning I was struck with the idea to do cartoony fetal pieces. Mostly inspired by the NG In the Womb: Animals show that I had seen before. The best part is just how adorable a fetal elephant is. I really wish I could have a fetal elephant specimen in a jar. I'd name it "Johnny".
As far as I know only one of them sold the night of the opening. Thanks Patti. The show was a huge success. Lots of art sold and this should help the kitties and puppies that made it safe out of the womb.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey yeah!!! An art show opening up at the Cafe Racer tonight is a benefit show for Animal Talk a no-kill and non-profit shelter in the University District of Seattle. Check it out, everything is priced to sell and make money for the shelter. Also 10% of the Cafe Racer's drawer during the opening will be donated as well. So come out and drink and buy art and hang with people who are more interesting than the people you know. There's also a cool band!!

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