Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guest Editor for Nib-Lit

So I was asked by a Mykl Sivak to be a guest editor on the comics page called the Nib Lit that during the school year is published on the back page of the Southern Connecticut State University paper. I've been featured in several of the issues, along with Tony Millionaire (Maakies) and Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man).

Since the school year is out Mykl is keeping it alive via a blog and through Facebook. I just wrapped up my first editing job on it and it's available here as a high res PDF. On this blog you will also find all the previous issues and more.

For this issue I asked a few of my old colleagues (Levi Bailey, Matt Biolchini, Ben Lyon) to contribute and then a new friend (Nikki Burch). All did an awesome job and as it turns out I'll get at least one more chance to edit another issue.

So pass it along to your friends and neighbors and give some love to those who contributed. If you're on Facebook connect to the Nib-Lit here and if not, I can pass a message on to whomever you want.  

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the comics.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Facebook 2.1 in Sweden

I sent this artist in Sweden some faces painted on dictionary pages for his "Facebook" project. He takes the pages with faces and puts them up on wall in Gothenburg. He just sent me photos of the installation. Here's the list of artist and links to their work. Mine are posted here.

It´s up. In Gothenburg, Sweden.
Here´s some pictures. It´s 160 faces and done by 17 artists, wich are
Ollio (sweden),
Cash4 (usa),
AKA (sweden),
Sceb (sweden),
Swellzombie (usa),
Bo Rutter (sweden),
Madness (sweden),
Tålamod (sweden),
Tarkinson (germany),
Säl (sweden),
Soul (sweden),
139 115 (sweden),
Peps (sweden),
Etno 1 (russia),
Aisakello (sweden),
9mm (sweden)
Intro the pit (france).

Spread the word and the pictures!

Thanks for the participation, mail me if you want more pictures, special close ups or anything else, and tell me if you want to join on Facebook 3.

Best regards
Jonathan Josefsson / Ollio
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