Friday, May 16, 2008

Some Photos of My Friends

Some snapshots of my friends at a birthday party.

Sarah (I've cropped this one to focus on the great composition and the background surrounding that insanely sweet young woman.)

Kate (This one I messed with because I thought it would be fun to. So shut up. It's not digital Wizardery but I like it.)

Matt (I didn't do anything to this photo but turn it black and white. I did that to lessen the horrific reality of what was happening.)

Jason (he was just having the time of his life.)

Kate (Again. She's just so fun and cute. This photo when through a time warp and ended up becoming 50 years old while I scanned it.)

Collaboration with Jason #2

So Jason Dodson and I went to Hattie's Hat again, got some beer, some garden burgers with bacon and cheddar, and drew another master piece. Enjoy!!!
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