Thursday, December 11, 2008


This week when coming up with a new comic, the deeply buried holiday cheer in my heart spurted out in this very jolly watercolor. Clausmopolitan a lifestyle and culture magazine for and about Santa Claus. An obvious spoof of Cosmopolitan (the ever enlightening) magazine with relative articles to the big guy.
Ever since I made this piece I've gotten tons of compliments and so I decided that maybe I'll make it available to those who like sending out cards and the like. I love doing it, but I'm horrible at actually doing it. Anyway, you can find some Clausmopolitan products here at my Cafepress Card Shop.
Thanks a bunch. Happy Holidays.

Note regarding the prices: Cafepress has a base price for their products. I cannot chose to price anything lower than that and if I don't adjust the price higher than I stand to make $0. I personally feel that the base prices are far too high, but what can I do? What I've done is marked everything up $1, to keep everything as cheap as possible and maybe make a few dollars. Obviously not enough to buy that new car with, but... maybe lunch.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Painting For Sale on Etsy!

I just got myself an Etsy account and right now I'm selling the remaining creature paintings I did a year ago for the Thirty paintings in Thirty days Challenge.
So check it out and buy as many as you can.

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