Monday, May 21, 2007

my brother from another mother

Levi, the champion of justice and juice has finally come aboard and brought the world some more hair-raising excitement in the form of a BLOG!!! Dig it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

poster design

So I came up with this is for Jason of the Maldives and Wesley of the Young Sportsmen. Do go to this show. It'll be great for you!

found self portrait of Liz

I just uploaded some pictures from my friends camera and found Liz had been taking some pics of herself. This one I liked most.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Found Photos

I usally don't get much out of flower photos but I like how this print was worn so much in some spots. That really gives it something more.

One morning I was walking over to Chaco Canyon to draw my daily comic. I passed through the Safeway parking lot on Brooklyn and found an explosion of photos. At first I thought of ignoring them, like any good bystander. But I decided out of curiosity to pick them up. I've always really enjoyed found photos. So I started picking them up. A girl came by and asked to help me. I said if she wanted to she could. So together we were fascinated with our clean up. It was apparent to me that it was a collection from a homeless person. There were very aged and weathered envelopes and some note pads. A lot of characters of some Asian descent were written on some of the envelopes. There were negatives and receipts as well. I told the girl that they weren't mine but I had a fascination with found photos and was wondering if I should take them. She presumed that no one would be back for them. I told her that they were left for one reason or another. And fearing that the next Safeway parking lot attendant would just pitch them I gathered them up in a pile near a cigar box that was among the remains. I went into the store and snagged a bag. Grabbed the pile I wanted and left to have my coffee.
The photos ranged from candid pictures of children and family, to houses, landscaping, blossomed trees, sculptures, a couple of bands performing at bars, various people who may or may not have been homeless, and shots of the Blue Moon Tavern.

What I've posted are the photos that I thought were the best. This really doesn't represent the whole collection of nearly 75. These are just the ones that I found uniquely good. The photographer/s seemed to have a grasp of photography and maybe even wanted to become a professional at one time. You can see they had some sort of manual focus and possibly different lens to get some desired effects. Basicly they don't seem to be done with a automatic throw away. Enjoy.

This one is really interesting to me because it has the date written on the back: 2065 20 Nov

This tree looks like an ostrich.

Two things on chairs. The only two in this style.

This is the greatest find though... Just because it's the most shocking and unexplainable. I can't decide whether it's good or bad that you don't know what's going on in that can. If you knew, it would make some more sense and that would be gross, but not knowing... There are too many things to imagine. It's great!
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