Thursday, July 5, 2007

Toys and sculptures

This is "Tentacle Dad". Custom figure made from Harry Potter and a guy from Monsters Inc.

So last summer I really got into the idea of sculpting and making toys. Jumping on the bandwagon of custom and art toys. Here are a few pieces that actually worked. Some were gifts and some were just for my own pleasure. I hope to keep this up. But you know... there's only so many burners that I can put stuff on. Check out my Flickr site to read more about them.

This was a piece that I made for a fellow employee for Christmas.

These are the outside and inside views of a piece that I sculpted out of scuply based on Heather Walde's drawings.

This is a guy called "Bashitor". He was inspired by the monsters that hero's fight in Japanese live action shows.

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