Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adventure Buddies It Begins... Again!

So I was asked to do the poster for Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt's newest project called Adventure Buddies. It's going to be 6 short film episodes that are parodies of chopsockie action films from the last couple of decades. Since I happily devoted myself to several of their events I was excited to work on this new one. I'll be doing a poster for each one of the episodes in different styles. This will be the most ambitious poster work I've done so far.
For this first one I went with an old stand-by (for me) and made a faux-painted VHS cover. Below show the stages I went through to get the final piece.
And for God's sake, go to the show when it opens here in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern on August 17th.
Here's a teaser for it.

photo shoot
pencil sketch from photo
first pass digitally
final digital pass
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