Friday, June 29, 2007

The Future is Ending

This is a painting that I've done for a fan down in Texas. She wanted something new from me and this is what I came up with. I work in a video store with a lot of great painted covers for "bad" action movies. Some of the most creative are the ones from the Post-Apocalyptic genre. So I really wanted to try and do one of my own. I came up with the blue grid background because that's just classic for films from the 80's. Then I had the idea for the Title. "The Future is Ending". Seemed strange and gimmicy for that genre.

I had figured in an earlier sketch a guy dressed in black with a sword and a helmet. Once I actually got to laying paint down I just gave him a sword-hand. The Laser rifle, wasn't a conscious take-off of the 80's Lasertag rifle. It wasn't until I did it, did I realize. That gun was the greatest design back in the day too. I thought that the missiles were a good touch. The Stealth Bomber wasn't even a part of my original idea, but I needed something cool to go in that area. So I thought that those looked "futuristic" enough to toss one in. It was either that or a Jeep exploding. The people... well that was just for fun.

Official Cookie Taster

I like to put together sounds that I find interesting into forms that can be... may not always be... refered to as music. I like to think that I just mess with noises. I use samples from movies mostly, but in recent times; due to some hiphop influence, I've started sampling music too. I'm a rebelious fart and I'm not crediting who I snag sounds from. If you ask I'll tell. But don't ask/don't tell. If you know what I mean?
Anyway... I've posted some of these pieces on Myspace of course. The latest is really short and doesn't have me singing. Enjoy it here.

Other than that there are some CD-Rs that I have for purchace on the Self Satisfied site.

album cover designed by: PTC

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Three Domains of Life

I was feeling inspired to do some photography. Heather has been someone I've wanted to shoot for a little while. So we got together with some PBR and had a good time.

These were all taken in her studio apartment that she has decorated to be a outward expression of her tastes. It was a great place to shoot. I couldn't have staged a setting better. Especially with all the little details. Her clothing was all her own. I picked out the ones I wanted to see her in. The little white one was designed and created by Heather and Elizabeth. There are some stuffed organs that are removable on the front. A heart and a some small intestines.

Heather is a great artist and so she has painting every where. The paintings were great to use in the backgrounds. The huge landscape that she did with the naked rats turned out to become a backdrop and I tried to make it look like she was there in that world.

I used two 35mm cameras. One with a flash that I didn't use all the time. That camera had a blue filter on it to cut down on the yellow lighting. Then I used Heather's Nikon on a tripod. That was nice because it had a little zoomy lens.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monster Buddy

So I'm happy to let you all know about The Mutated Skeleton Cave. A bigtime Monster maker!!I found Aeron's artwork about a year ago when I was searching for information on toy making. He was interested in making little figures of his monsters. Why? Because it would AWESOME!! I had no info to give him so I just enjoyed his art.He's made up SO MANY monsters you wouldn't believe it. They're cheap to own so I would really recommend those with $10 to throw around get some original monster art.Thanks Aeron!
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