Thursday, September 6, 2012

VHSpresso Coffee Parodies

In order to help promote the VHSpresso coffee stand inside of Scarecrow Video in Seattle I came up with an on-going series of video cover parodies. They're all coffee themed and pretty ridiculous. I have to claim that Too Much Coffee Man is a huge influence on these.

Meat and Potatoes with Jem

The last poster I designed for the late Meat and Potatoes comedy show.
I enjoyed the hell out watching Jem to capture it's essence for this piece.

Wizards of Cockblock Forest (back cover of Devastator #5)

This is a cover for a faux role-playing game that appears on the back of the fantasy issue of Devastator a humor magazine along the lines of Cracked and the Onion.
Buy a copy now:

Computer Error

The poster I illustrated and designed for Computer Error the Worst of C.G.I. presented by Martin and Lawrence.

This collage-like film highlights the most atrocious computer generated images in film to date. This will convert the most die-hard fan of computer graphics.

It debuted in Austin and has played in Seattle recently. 
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