Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drift Art Show

Drift - an art show at the Cafe Racer. Opening Thursday May 14th 2009.
Read more about it on the Stranger's Slog!

This show is going to be cool. The Friends of the Nib got together and put in a bunch of really great drawings and some paintings. These are going to be put up all over the front area of the Cafe Racer as if it was our studio. Ideas abound! Good or bad, thrown all over the place so that one's eyes can pinball around the room and be totally over stimulated. Most everything will be up for sale with prices ranging from $5 to $50. So please stop by and get eye full.
So this will make the 3rd art show I have work in this month! I'm all over the place. I tell ya' though, it's like feast or famin. First it was APW's On the Record, then Muppet Rawk and now Drift. Each one will be displayed till the end of the month.
Below are a few pieces that I came up with today for the show. I referenced some photos that happened to be taken by Coop. I was just searching for "girls holding things" on Flickr. and found some hot women holding vinyl toys. Who'd have guessed it was Coop who took the pictures?


larger SOLD!


El Pagano said...

Marc, thanks for the comments. Really liked your Muppet Rawk piece too. Talk about a perfect match. Nice work, man! If there's a closing night for the show, maybe we can talk more then. take care man!

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