Monday, May 25, 2009

Creature of the Week submission 01

So for's Creature of the Week challenge I came up with this nasty little bugger.
The idea for the creature was "Cthonic Psychic Sucker". That's all you had to go on so above it the final and below are the initial steps I took to get there.

Here's a description of this guy too:
"One of many creatures that are birthed from a greater Cthuthian creature that produces various offspring fit for gathering psychic energy. This leech-like creature works as a receiver and carrier of psychic energy. The worm finds a host rich in psychic energy. I first latches itself to the host, using it’s upper and lower tentacle-like areas. Protruding from the opening at its head are psychic sensitive mandibles that extract bio-electrical energy. It receives energy through the bulb located at the center of its frontal orifice. That energy is then held in glands on either side of its upper body. Once enough energy is received, it leaves the host alive or dead then returns to its “mother” and unloads its found energy. After unloading its energy to the “mother” the rest of its organic matter is then reabsorbed and recycled into another Cthunt worm. "

my first sketches, just fooling with ideas

the sketch that I felt was about right
this was phase 2, placing colors

phase 3 tighting colors and details

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