Monday, April 20, 2009

"Art on Record" APW gallery pieces


At the tail end of last month I was invited anonymously by APW gallery in Long Island to participate in their "Art On Record" art show. The deal is, you paint on a vinyl record. Nuff' said. So to represent myself the best I can, I chose to do gross weird erotic mutant women. Why? I don't know. I'm a weird-o... I had other ideas but I ran out of time. I'm also doing a re-creation of a famous album cover with Muppets. So I had to knock something out by the 27th.
Music to Mutate By...
All pieces are acrylic on vinyl, measuring 12" x 12".
Below are the original drawings that I did. I drew them in my sketch book and it turned out they were the perfect size for the records. So after laying down the gesso on the vinyl I covered the backs of these drawings in pastel and transfered them on to the record. I had to do this twice, once for the original outline which I filled with a flesh tone and then again so that I could get the details. I used photos of a beautiful model named Jenya D for reference. She's one of the most terrific MET-ART models out there. I appologize to her and the photographer for creating such gross versions of their work.

And... this isn't my first mutated erotic women set. I did some strange art on glass a few years ago that featured similar things. Take a look at my Flickr page for pics of those.


Jen said...

Wow!!! I had no idea you were in a show in NY. That's awesome! These are great paintings. Word.

Angela Stork said...

These are fantastic. They randomly contacted the right guy for this show.

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