Saturday, February 28, 2009

30 in Thirty Full Color Book Available!!

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My latest full color art book. This one is a collection of 30 paintings that I did in 30 days as a challenge for the Blank Space Gallery here in Seattle. The 30+ paintings and illustrations of monsters and other creatures here in this book are full sized reproductions of the original paintings. The book itself is full color, 70 pages perfect bound, and measures 8.5" x 11".

Ever since the completion of the paintings I wanted to make a catalogue of the whole set of paintings. All based of off creatures that I created originally for my daily comic (Lair of the Psychic Creature) I planned all thirty paintings to be seen together. And... since half of the original paintings have been sold, they'll NEVER be seen together EVER AGAIN! So catch them while you can here in this paperback collection.

I would like to think these colorful acrylic paintings should entertain anyone with a childlike appreciation of creatures and monsters as well as children.

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