Monday, June 25, 2012

VHSpresso design work

So one of the jobs I have at Scarecrow Video is sign-maker/designer. I come up with a lot of the signage for sections in the store. The latest super special section that we set up is the coffee cart. They named it VHSpresso and I've done all the design work for it so far. Below are some logos, signs, and etc. that I've worked on.

Here are the menu's. One for the wall behind the counter and one for the walk-up window. The one below is a manipulated back cover of VHS box art for "Runaway Train". 

Above is our stamp that we put on all the cups. Below is a web banner that I animated for the Scarecrow Video blog. 

Another piece of manipulated VHS box art from the movie "I Will... I Will... For Now". 

Here's proof that the signage is in place. "Like" VHSpresso on Facebook and stop by for some terrific coffee. We proudly use "7 Roasters" which is a local roaster and it's delicious.

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