Monday, April 30, 2007


For just me, Marc Palm this is where you can get general information on how to operate your very own Marc Palm. There are lists of things Marc Palm likes. Images that Marc Palm has created. And proof that people know Marc Palm.

Click on the blue letters to hear sounds like that of Swellzombie, which is a project that was found in a time capsule in my basement marked "do not open until .0093" I had no idea what that meant so I cracked that shit open. What I found I used as my so called "music" project.

For the music of Official Cookie Taster which is a somber and quirky step away from, but only next to Swellzombie. It has a much cuter name though.

Zoon. The legends tell of a time when a cello was found in a room. In that room a young madman took to it with vigor and passion. Learning only what the cello would teach him.

Collaborative music of Pangaea is some of the most profound wild animal recordings that anyone has ever captured in live improvisational settings.

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