Monday, April 30, 2007

My bio for Ouch My Eye

"My passion is a whore". An illustrator, multi-media artist, photographer, graphic designer, comic creator, self-publisher, sculptor, and sometimes an experimental musician. Marc Palm plays well with everything.

"I can see potential of each medium. I like to experiment with everything and then with what I get from each one, I put it in a tool box for later". He continues, "I don't necessarily want to master any one of them. I don't want to direct that much attention on one thing at a time. I'd rather play around long enough to figure something out. Do something cool with it and then try something else. There's always time to learn more and do more. I don't feel I'll ever stop playing".

Marc has just recently created a daily web comic that he posts everyday at

His self published works can be previewed and purchased at

There's also a independent online distribution company that he and long time friend/collaborator
Levi Bailey have put together called Self Satisfied. Easy access is at

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