Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fetal Fun


These 4"x 6" color pencil drawing with watercolor were created on pink paper for the Mild Kingdom show at the Cafe Racer which I mentioned in the previous post.
The showed was theme was animals and I knew that there was just going to be a whole bunch of cuteness abound. So I didn't want to do more monster or insects. One morning I was struck with the idea to do cartoony fetal pieces. Mostly inspired by the NG In the Womb: Animals show that I had seen before. The best part is just how adorable a fetal elephant is. I really wish I could have a fetal elephant specimen in a jar. I'd name it "Johnny".
As far as I know only one of them sold the night of the opening. Thanks Patti. The show was a huge success. Lots of art sold and this should help the kitties and puppies that made it safe out of the womb.

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daniel said...

i love these things too much!!

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