Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Meet Some Inspiring Folks

So while I was at the Stumptown Comic Fest in Portland yesterday I happened to meet to very influential comic artists.

First was Nicholas Gurewitch who creates the Perry Bible Fellowship comic. This stuff just blew me away when I first was turn onto it. The humor and the constant fluxuating art styles really inspired me. Some of the best intellectual dark humor out there. The comics are beautiful as well.

Then the guy who I really wanted to meet was Shannon Wheeler. He inspired so hard back in the 90's. Too Much Coffee Man came out and it was so awesome to me. I was a Sophmore in High School and wanted to make comics. When I got into TMCM I couldn't help but unconsciously rip him off. So I made the ANT. I sent him samples of my books and always thanked him. I even got to have a couple of strips published in the TMCM magazine. We kept up contact over the years but never met until yesterday. It was cool. I'm glad that he's still out there and his comics are still really funny. He didn't get old and crappy like that one guy... you know... nevermind. Anyway, It was exciting and I'm a total dork.

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