Monday, February 25, 2008

Friends of the Nib March 8th

So I'm happy to be Friend of the Nib and this is going to be great. Insane and busy! I have no idea how anyone will be able to actually draw anything of quality, but... it should be checked out. I'd like to quote Tom Dougherty here because he has said it the best so far:
"Larry Reid* has mounted a Friends of the Nib-branded event at the Fantagraphics Store in Georgetown, South of Seattle proper. Apparently, it will be a drawing "jam" open to the public, who are all invited to participate. Space is at a premium down there, so if you're planning on being part of the "jam", I'd advise you to hightail it down there as early as your Dad will let you borrow the car. Admission is free, and there is a bar around the corner where you can get a drink or two. Seriously: arrive early and beat the crowds. Both of these guys are legendary talents, and you may be able to score a sketch from one or both as the evening evenings on. *Larry Reid is a promoter who often stops by the FON meetings at the Cafe Racer with a stack of promotional flyers for our group. He's been a Fantagraphics keystone for many years and a fixture in the Seattle "art scene" for many more years."

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